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Getting Cloudant Support

Support is available for your paid IBM Cloudant Standard accounts but not for free, Lite accounts. This blog post shows how to raise a support ticket.


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Note that you may still raise a support ticket against free IBM Cloud accounts pertaining to the subjects of account management, billing and IAM, just not support cases about specific Cloudant services.

Creating an IBM Cloud account🔗

If you haven’t done so already, create an IBM Cloud account at

IBM Cloud account signup

Enter your details and hit “Continue”.

You must enter a credit card against this account to be able to raise support tickets - you won’t be charged anything unless you provision IBM Cloud services.

Creating Cloudant services within an IBM Cloud Account🔗

Once an IBM Cloud account is set up, you may set up IBM Cloudant service instances within this account.

Create an IBM Cloudant service by locating Cloudant in the IBM Cloud Catalog or visiting directly.

IBM Cloud Cloudant service create

Creating a support ticket🔗

To create an IBM Cloud support ticket, log in to your IBM Cloud account and visit and click the “Create A Case” button.

IBM Cloud Cloudant service create

Please visit the “Your Resources” section:

IBM Cloud Cloudant service create

  • Choose “Cloudant” as the topic
  • Choose “Cloudant NoSQL DB” as the sub-topic
  • Pick the relevant Cloudant service from the list (if known)

IBM Cloud Cloudant service create

Enterprise Cloudant Accounts🔗

If you have an “Enterprise” Cloudant Account, support tickets must still be raised using the above procedure. If you don’t already have an IBM Cloud account then follow the steps above to create an account and when raising support tickets enter the phrase “CLOUDANT enterprise support required” in the support ticket’s subject and the hostname of your Cloudant service in the ticket description:

IBM Cloud Cloudant service create

Note that support requests via the old email address are no longer accepted. All support requests must come from a ticket raised by an IBM Cloud account.